Workshop to verify findings on the state of Forestry Governance in curricular across Cameroon

Forest Governance workshop with universities in Cameroon
Forest Governance workshop with universities in Cameroon

Academic institutions have a significant role to play with regards to improving forest governance and sustainable growth in Cameroon through training of forest sector professionals, continuous professional development and research. However, the CIDT’s (Centre for International Development (CIDT) of the University of Wolverhampton) experience of working with a couple of forestry training institutions has revealed that there is a huge gap between this expectation and current practice. It is in order to inform national educational policy and frame its future support role to academic institutions that a nationwide study was commissioned to examine the state of Forest Governance in University and College level curricular in Cameroon.

Over forty participants comprising senior officials from the Ministries of Higher Education (MINESUP) and Environment (MINFOF), state and private teaching institutes, international and local NGOs, private sector and research institutes attended a workshop on the 14th July in Yaoundé to discuss and verify the findings of the consultancy. Following the validation of the results and recommendations of this study, participants established an hoc committee comprised of Professors Tchamba, Boyomo, Tsalefack, Meli and Keutcheu to develop three reference programmes on forest governance by October 2015 for validation by the Inspector General for Academic Affaires at the Ministry of Higher Education, senior officials of state universities and other teaching institutions, FODER and CIDT. The workshop was organised with the support of FODER Cameroon and funding from the European Commission and the UK Department for International Development, DFID.

Profesor Philip Dearden with Sebastian Tchebayou, the Coordinator of Foder.

Photos from the curriculum development workshop.

Following the Curriculum Development Workshop, Professor Philip Dearden visited Mbalmayo Forestry School with Sebastian Tchebayou , the Coordinator of Foder.

For Phil it was a rather nostalgic visit as he had first worked at Mbalmayo when he taught a four week Training of Trainer course with Alan Cavalier back in 1987. At that time Jim Sandom and Andy Roby both worked on a large ODA forestry project and were based at Mbalmayo. Both “Sandom et Roby” are remebered well by many of the staff met during the visit.

It was good to see that the Forestry School is still flourishing . The new Cartographic centre and the the technical woodworking centre were both visited. (See photos above).

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