Unauthorised logging observed in community forest and national forest near Kong and Mbasongo villages

An Independent Monitoring (IM) mission conducted in the vicinity of Kong and Mbasongo villages (Ngambé-Tikar District, Mbam Department and Kim Central Region) identified unauthorised logging activity in the national forest and community forest of the Kong Farmers Group (GAK). The mission report produced by the ‘Ecosystem and Development Organization (ECODEV)’, through the procedures of the SNOIE system, was submitted on 23rd April 2019 to the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife, to the Regional Delegation of MINFOF Center and to CONAC.

The team of observers was able to identify marks (VC 08 04 402) of the ZENITH company on some logs and in light of these marks, there is every reason to believe that this company would be responsible for the fraudulent forestry activities, even though it does not have a title in this locality. However, it should be noted that following interviews with community members, and staff of the Departmental Forestry Delegation (DDFOF) of Mbam and Kim, the Industrial Company of Mbang (SIM) may be responsible for activity in the area. However, documentary research does not show any valid title in this area. Moreover, the SIM company, which is still active in the locality, is reported to be cutting in the forest galleries in the vicinity of these villages.

Concerning species cut during unauthorised logging, the IM team identified 15 different species namely: Ayous, Iroko, Ngollon/Bassam mahogany, Sapelli, Bossé, Tali, Bété, Lotofa, Kossipo, Bilinga. On the farm site, unmarked stumps, logs and crowns, abandoned logs in the park and in the forest were also identified, plus the felling of logs within 30m of a watercourse. These practices are in violation of logging technical standards, in particular articles 29 [1] and 61.

La mission d’OIE effectuée par ECODEV pour dénoncer cette exploitation illégale au environ des villages Kong et Mbasongoa été réalisée avec l’appui financier du projet « Voix des Citoyens pour le Changement : Observation forestière dans le bassin du Congo» (projet CV4C), mis en œuvre au Cameroun par Forêts et Développement Rural (FODER) et d’autres partenaires.  Le rapport d’OIE soumis déjà à l’administration en charge des forêts est une interpellation  pour commettre une mission de contrôle forestier dans la localité, afin de constater la véracité des faits rapportés, et aussi de contrôler le chantier d’exploitation forestière frauduleuse en cours dans la FDN, aux environs des villages Kong et Mbasongo. L’auteur cette exploitation non autorisée dans la FDN s’expose au paiement d’une amende de 200 000 à 1 000 000 francs CFA et d’un emprisonnement d’un (1) mois à six (6) mois ou de l’une seulement de ces peines, selon l’Article 156 la loi n° 94/01 du 20 Janvier 1994 portant régime des forêts, de la faune et de la pêche et réprimée.

The mission carried out by ECODEV to denounce this illegal logging in the Kong and Mbasongoa villages was carried out with the financial support of the project CV4C project, implemented in Cameroon by FODER and other partners. The report has already been submitted to the administration in charge of forests and is an interpellation to commit to a mission of forest control in the region, in order to ascertain the veracity of the reported facts, and also to control ongoing unauthorised logging in this area around these villages. The party responsible for this unauthorised activity is liable to a fine of 200,000 to 1,000,000 CFA francs and/or imprisonment of 1-6 months, according to Article 156 Law No. 94/01 of January 20, 1994 governing the regime of forests, wildlife and fishing.

Download the mission report (FRENCH ONLY)

Article installé published by FODER.

[1] Standards for Intervention in the Forest Environment Chapter 1, paragraph 3.17: “A particular ecological zone: an area to be protected by special measures because its destruction has significant ecological consequences. Included in this definition: – riparian forests or riparian ecotones in the Sudano-Sahelian zone.

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