Transparency in the forest sector assessed by stakeholders

Twenty stakeholders from the forest and environment sector met at a workshop that began on 03 July 2018 to assess the level of transparency in this sector. The workshop organised by Forêts et Développement Rural (FODER)as part of the ‘Citizen Voices for Change: Congo Basin Forest Monitoring project (CV4C)’, implemented by a consortium of organisations in the Congo Basin, under the coordination of CIDT with financial support from the European Union and other project partners.

The workshop which ends on 04 July 2018 is intended, among other things, to present preliminary results of the study on forest and environmental transparency, initiated at the end of 2017 and aimed at developing a framework for analysing transparency in the forest and environment sector, as well as to appreciate efforts made in terms of forest and environmental transparency in Cameroon; the current state of transparency in the environment sector in Cameroon with a focus on transparency in the REDD+ process. Participants in this workshop come from the relevant sectoral authorities, civil society, private sector, research as well as technical and financial partners.

During the two days meeting, participants will be updated on the implementation of the FLEGT VPA Annex 7, including challenges and lessons learned as well as learning from experience and transparency in the REDD+ process in Cameroon.

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