Training 98,000 teachers on the Zambian revised curriculum


ZESSTA teamCIDT is a member of the consortia – led by British Council – that supports the MoGE Zambia Education Sector Support Technical Assistance (ZESSTA) Facility.

The ZESSTA Facility is an initiative funded by the UK’s Department for International Development (DFID) and the Global Partnership for Education (GPE) that provides MoGE with access to technical assistance on a demand-driven basis and in line with its sector plans.

TCIG cover
Above: The new TCIG.

Planning a revised National Curriculum

Through its ZESSTA Facility, the Ministry has previously commissioned a study to generate and cost options to address the challenges faced in the roll-out of the revised National Curriculum. One of the options proposed and accepted was wide-scale in-service training to help teachers implement the revised curriculum.

Another of the options proposed was the design of a document that would provide teachers with easy-access guidance on the revised curriculum. This document, the Teachers’ Curriculum Implementation Guide (TCIG), will be used as core reference material during the in-service training of 98,000 teachers.  All teachers in Zambia will receive a copy of the TCIG which will be valuable resource to guide them in the implementation of the revised curriculum.

Rolling out the new Curriculum

TOT Process
Above: Steps to rolling out the National Curriculum to 98,000 teachers.

From 2529 July 2016, in a workshop in Lusaka, 40 MoGE education professionals were trained as trainers of the revised national curriculum. ZESSTA supported MoGE to facilitate this training with technical assistance provided by CIDT and two national curriculum specialists.

These trainers will commence the training of Provincial trainers from 18 August 2016 who will in turn train teachers in their Provinces on the implementation of the revised national curriculum.

Training of trainers workshops

The following photos have been taken at teacher training workshops across the country.

Congratulations to Zambia’s MoGE!

The impact of the new National Curriculum will be phenomenal and the MoGE will have achieved a significant milestone in being able to train their 98,000 teachers through support and technical assistance provided by ZESSTA.

The CIDT team

Staff from CIDT who are working closely on the ZESSTA programme are:
  • Mary Surridge, inception phase/planning
  • Lilla Oliver, Core Adviser for Curriculum
  • Patt Flett, Core Adviser for research, surveys and impact evaluation
  • Andrew Snowden, HR Adviser
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