French and Spanish delivery

CIDT works with a highly skilled group of French and Spanish interpreter-translators, which enables us to host bi-lingual and tri-lingual training events, in English, French and Spanish.

During sessions each participant uses a roving headset and interpreters work in two languages simultaneously, via participant headsets (‘tour-guide’ system).

CIDT has five years’ experience in delivery of the Improving Forest Governance course: from 2010-13 in French and English, and in 2014-15 in Spanish, French and English.  Through this, our team of course interpreters have become technical specialists in Forest Governance, supported by a substantial glossary of technical terms in three languages, which ensures consistency of interpretation during the course.

CIDT staff also deliver training in Francophone settings, working in French. We can also tap into our large pool of associates and consultants to conduct workshops in Spanish and possibly other languages.

IFG course classes

Photo: Kim Kane

Interpreter directory


David Crawford

Languages: English (native), French (active) and Spanish (passive)

Profile: I have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2007. I began interpreting for the Improving Forest Governance course in 2010. As part of the course’s original team of interpreters, I was involved in creating the now extensive French-English glossary of forest governance terms used by the team of interpreters and translators. My past clients include ClientEarth, Well Grounded, The Rainforest Foundation UK, and the UK Home Office. I have also volunteered for NGOs and associations such as CADTM, Terre des Hommes, Friends of the Earth, Coalition Climat and ATTAC.


“Interpreting for the IFG course has been a great experience on many levels. The course takes place in a professional but friendly and collaborative environment. I’ve had the opportunity to meet people from many different sectors and cultures and have learned a great deal about forestry, forest governance and other forestry-related themes. It’s a joy to return to Telford each year to work with the CIDT staff and get to know the course participants.”

Cindy Schaller

Languages: Conference interpreter (English <> French) since 2008. Translator (English > French) since 2006.

Profile: I joined the Improving Forest Governance team as an interpreter in 2010, when I also co-launched the compilation exercise for our now very exhaustive glossary, and I have been the course language co –coordinator since 2013. I specialise in environmental and social issues, with a focus on forestry and green development, and my clients include international NGOs, policy bodies, and research and academic institutes.


“Working with CIDT has been professionally enriching, as I now possess deep knowledge and understanding of many forestry-related topics and wider issues, but this experience is much more that a job – it is an exciting personal and social journey through which I have met some incredible people, colleagues and friends!”

Clara Meschia

Clara Meschia

Languages: Conference Interpreting (English <> French, Spanish and Portuguese > French). Translation (English, Spanish and Portuguese > French)

Profile: Almost 10 years of professional conference interpreting and translation experience, including for research and academic institutes, international NGOs, and policy bodies such as UN-Redd, FAO, IFAD, Human Rights Watch and ClientEarth, amongst others. I have also volunteered for NGOs and associations such as Terre des Hommes, Friends of the Earth, the World March of Women and Coalition Climat during COP21. I was extremely honoured to be the latest addition to the Improving Forest Governance French team in 2013, following which. I decided to specialise in environmental and social issues, with a special focus on sustainable development and forestry.


“Working with the CIDT has been an unforgettable experience, on many levels. The course is very interesting and challenging, whilst relaxed and friendly. It has given me access to first-hand knowledge from key international players in the forest governance sector, but above anything else, it has given me the great privilege to meet incredible people from many different sectors and cultures. The IFG course truly has a special community feel to it. The staff, participants and team of interpreters consider each other as one big family and it is always a pleasure to come back each year.”


Alain Balanche-Jacquet

Profile coming soon.


Michel Amieux

Languages: French <> English

Profile: Bonjour, My name is Michel Amieux. I am a French < > English Interpreter and Translator with over 30 years’ experience in France and in the UK. Though being French born, I have now spent half of my life in the UK. I hold the Diploma in Public Service Interpreting, option in Law, thus enabling me to do certified legal translations/interpreting for the courts, police forces, immigration and probation services.

I am also specialised in business translation/interpreting (e.g. websites, exhibitions & conferences, foreign trade visits and meetings, contracts, T&Cs) as I hold an MBA and I have worked in the private sector and also taught Business French for 30 years. My other areas of specialism is on Environment and Forest Governance and have carried out translation and interpreting assignments on the IFG programme from 2013 to 2015.


“Working for the CIDT is a unique experience. I have been impressed by the high level of professionalism and expertise of the organising team, speakers, module facilitators and interpreters. At the same time, they are all very approachable and talented in motivating the participants. I am very honoured to be part of such a great team.”

Jose Gomez

Jose Gomez-Prado

Languages: Conference interpreter (English<>Spanish) since 2013. Translator (English & French>Spanish) since 2012. Public service interpreter (DPSI – Law) since 2011.

Profile: I have been working with CIDT since they accepted the first Latin American cohort and during this time I not only provided interpreting and translation services but also contributed to the development of a comprehensive Spanish glossary of terms on the subject of forest governance. My specialisms also include environmental issues, the translation and adaptation of websites and marketing campaigns for Latin American audiences and the automotive, engineering and legal sector. I have worked for a wide variety of clients ranging from environmental organisations and international NGOs to the NHS, law firms and British car manufacturers.

“Working on the IFG courses is an experience unlike any other I’ve ever had before. It has allowed me to meet some great people and given me access to first-hand knowledge from key international players in the forest governance sector. The course participants, CIDT staff and team of interpreters are one big family I’m very proud to be a part of!”

Joel Lopez-Ferreiro

Languages: English (native), Spanish & Portuguese (active), German & French (passive).

Profile: I have been working as a freelance translator and interpreter since 2003. My past clients include the European Commission, the United Nations Environment Programme, NGOs such as Via Campesina and CADTM, and commercial clients including Pfizer, Siemens, DHL and Tetrapak.


“Working for CIDT is definitely a learning experience, offering the opportunity to meet people from so many different cultures and to gain a better understanding of forestry. There is a real community feel to the IFG course and it is always a pleasure to come back.”

Beatrice Blackett Espinosa

Languages: French and Spanish Conference interpreter

Profile: 9+ years of professional conference interpreting experience including interpreting for institutions such as: The UK Foreign and Commonwealth Office, The Ministry of Defense, UNEP Redd+ meetings, Globe Internacional Forest Forums, The World Bank (Green Bonds),  IFAD, UNISDR and other UN Organisations in Geneva, as well as many other NGO clients such as Café Direct, The Café Direct Producers Foundation and The Fairtrade Foundation.


“Working on the CIDT IFG course is a unique experience, both in terms of the dynamic and the setting: it is interesting and challenging but, at the same time, relaxed and friendly. The atmosphere is truely that of a ‘team spirit’, both as regards working with the other interpreters, and the wider CIDT staff and participant community.”


Trinidad Clares

Profile coming soon.


Felipe Hernando

Languages: Conference Interpreting (English <> Spanish, French > Spanish). Translation (English, French, Italian > Spanish).

Profile: I have been working as a freelance translator since 2007 and as a conference interpreter since 2010. I hold a degree in Translation and Interpreting and a European Masters in Conference Interpreting (EMCI). I have interpreted for institutions such as The Ministry of Defence, UNEP Redd+, Globe International Forest Forums, the International Institute for Environment and Development, as well as NGOs such as Amnesty International, The Fairtrade Foundation, Cafédirect/CPF. I’m also an interpreting lecturer, something I enjoy very much and that I do at University Masters level in different UK based universities (Westminster, Surrey, London Metropolitan).

“I joined the Improving Forest Governance team as an interpreter and translator in 2015 and it has been an extremely rewarding experience.”