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Online learning is a cost-effective way for participants in diverse locations to be trained at their own pace.

CIDT online courses can serve as a stand-alone training or can be combined with face-to-face training – and are especially valuable as part of a Training of Trainers or a facilitated workshop to deliver a real product, such as a Logical Framework or a Project Funding Proposal.

CIDT elearning portal

Our online learning portal

We have created an online learning resource that currently contains two courses for international development practitioners. To create your account and purchase courses click the button below.

CIDT elearning portal

Results-Based Management Thinking Tools and the Logical Framework Approach

This course aims to provide exposure to a range of ‘thinking tools’ that facilitate Results Based Management (RBM). You will use practical approaches to learn how to apply these tools to design, manage and assess projects, programmes and organisational performance.

Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

This course aims to provide a working knowledge of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) processes for practitioners working around the project cycle. You will gain useful knowledge to strengthen your overall confidence and capability to apply standard MEL approaches in programmes and projects.

Online course services for organisations

  • CIDT online courses can serve as a stand-alone training or can be combined with face-to-face training
  • Tailor our in-house Result-Based Management training resources to your organisational context, to provide tailored module;
  • Create a bespoke course that is uniquely designed to your specifications on any topic required;
  • Provide virtual coaching to participants as follow-up to Face-to-Face training.


For more information about our online courses please get in touch.

Online courses