Support to development of Decent Work in Moldova

In December 2020, Philip Dearden supported an online workshop in Results Based Management (RBM) and Monitoring & Evaluation (M&E) as an integral part of the formulation of a new Decent Work Country Programme for Moldova. The workshop was sponsored by the International Labour Organisation (ILO) and in attendance were 23 key representatives from the Government of Moldova, Trade Unions, Employers Organisations and the ILO.

One key aspect of the workshop was to link the DWCP ‘upwards’ to the United Nations Partnership Framework (PFSD). This medium-term strategy and planning document articulates the collective vision and response of the United Nations system to national development priorities and details activities to be implemented in partnership with the Government of the Republic of Moldova, in close cooperation with international and national partners and civil society.

Following the online workshop, results frameworks for the three key priority areas of the DWCP for the next three years in Moldova were developed. These were:

  • Inclusive and Productive Employment for Youth
  • Better Protection at Work
  • Improved Social Dialogue

These frameworks will be further developed into a full and detailed DWCP by a series of agreed participatory actions over the next few months.

Keeping virtual workshops engaging

CIDT employs a participatory, practical approach in our workshops. Despite the challenges of working virtually, we are still able to be effective in this approach. Feedback on the workshop design and delivery was very positive with many participants commenting on how valuable the practical nature of the work was to their work in developing the DWCP:

“Good friendly approach and many useful explanations.”

“Positive interactive discussions.”

“The active involvement really helps our understanding.”

“The 7 key steps outlined are very useful.”

“The problem definition and problem trees were really helpful in clarifying what we need to do.”

“My understanding of how to develop indicators has improved dramatically.”

The learning objectives of the ILO sponsored workshop were to provide a refresher on key concepts of RBM and M&E and practice their practical application as part of the formulation of a new Decent Work Country Programme for Moldova. Specific topics covered in the intensive multi-stakeholder workshop were:

  • The rationale for results measurement and the ‘results chain’
  • Seven simple planning steps and seven key questions to ask
  • Key concepts of results measurement and its application to key areas of intervention
  • Practical monitoring, review and evaluation tools

Decent Work Country Programmes (DWCPs) promote decent work as both a key component of development policies and as a national policy objective of governments and social partners. The Moldova DWCP represents a medium-term planning framework that guides the work of the International Labour Organisation (ILO) in a country in accordance with priorities and objectives agreed upon with its tripartite constituents.

Below you can view some screenshots of some of the work undertaken.










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