Strengthening Capacity for Green Growth Implementation in Nepal

Promoting economic growth is a priority for policy makers and a benchmark against which a government is judged. However, overwhelming evidence suggests that economic growth does not always translate to better wellbeing for citizens. In fact, the pursuit of economic growth has often fuelled environmental degradation- which hurts the poor the most as they are more dependent directly on the environment- and excluded them from the progress that others enjoy. Pursuant to the achievement of the global Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), the green growth approach has received international support as a way to reconcile the need for economic growth with environmental sustainability and social inclusivity. Measures that enhance inclusive economic growth and improve the health of the environment are more likely to benefit the poor and build more resilient societies.

The Global Green Growth Institute (GGGI) is partnering with the Government of Nepal to implement the ‘Aligning Green Growth with Structural Transformation’ program. This programme will work across a range of economic sectors in Nepal. The successful delivery of this programme will require sufficient capacity within and beyond the government ministries. Canford Chiroro (CIDT) is working with Shankar Paudel (Rupantaran) to help design and implement a capacity development strategy for green growth in Nepal. The objective of this consultancy is to build awareness of the green growth approach, and support government institutions with tools and techniques to operationalise this approach within their respective sectors. So far, the team has conducted a training needs assessment, and are now working on developing and delivering training for selected staff.

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