Scoping learning for Transparency International

Online course in monitoring, evaluation and learning

In 2019 CIDT was commissioned to create an elearning course in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) by Transparency International (TI), a global organisation combatting corruption. The course, which has been implemented in English, French and Spanish, will be taken by TI staff working on projects in over 100 countries to standardise their approach and improve practices around MEL.

Whilst monitoring and evaluation is not everyone’s favourite topic, it is a crucial practice for being able to plan, track and report on activities. Lessons learned can be pulled into future projects making them more effective and efficient in terms of reaching the project goals, as well as being able to better utilise finances.

This is especially important in an organisation such as TI whose teams of 1800 staff, advocacy and project managers have varying levels of experience and specialisms and work on projects in a wide range of sectors. The challenge of unifying the approach to MEL, and also the challenge of delivering that information, is a great match for online learning.

Online course in monitoring, evaluation and learning

CIDT has created online learning for several organisations, as well as developing our own online training in Results-Based Management. Our approach to elearning, much like our approach to face to face training, is participatory. Learning content is interactive. In the MEL course for TI, participants can progress at their own pace and have many opportunities to interact with the information, rather than simply reading or watching. Each module contains sections for them to reflect on how MEL applies to their work specifically.

The course breaks down the content of MEL into five modules with specific focuses, from frameworks and indicators to data analysis and evaluation. It is demonstrated how MEL works around the full cycle of a project and how it can account for diversity and gender issues. Course participants will learn the major techniques for monitoring and evaluation, such as Logical Framework Analysis and Theory of Change, whilst also seeing how these are relevant to anti-corruption work and specific models used by TI, such as their Impact Matrix. Through the accompanying resource library, they also have downloadable resources for further information in key areas, as well as a custom templates for use in their work.

Online course in monitoring, evaluation and learning

Ms Dilara Mehrab Arif, the MEL Coordinator said:

“Developing the MEL E-learning course with CIDT was a very pleasing experience. The team was highly skilled, very cooperative, sincere and adaptive to various circumstances. The team analysed all the existing materials, filled in necessary information to enrich the course and ensured that the e-learning course is enjoyable.”

E-learning has become a very effective way for organisations to train dispersed teams, as well as for individuals to pursue their own professional development in a cost-effective way. CIDT’s extensive face-to-face training experience in a wide range of international development sectors has helped us to create very highly rated courses for our own learners, as well as for the staff of our clients, including organisations such as the Commonwealth Secretariat, the United Nations Industrial Development Organisation (UNIDO), the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), the Royal National Lifeboat Institute (RNLI) and the NDC Partnership.

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