Research paper: Differentiated legitimacy, differentiated resilience: beyond the natural in ‘natural disasters’

Journal of Peasant Studies

Canford Chiroro and Elizabeth Harrison (University of Sussex) have published this paper in the Journal of Peasant Studies.

Building resilience in the face of adversity is increasingly at the top of the agenda for development interventions. However, despite the growing acceptance of resilience, as both a normative goal and a unifying concept allowing for multi-sectoral collaboration, there is still a lack of clarity on how exactly resilience can be effectively promoted and assessed.

In this paper, the authors examine how a well-intended intervention aimed at building resilience to climate impacts had unintended negative consequences especially for those not targeted by this particular intervention, increasing their vulnerability to a myriad of shocks, and undermining their resource base for dealing with future shocks. This paper will appeal to anyone interested in understanding the political dynamics at play in the production of resilience.

Read the full paper online.

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