Regional strategic development for pan-African network of forest monitoring organisations

With the financial and technical support of the EU funded CV4C project managed by CIDT, the project partner, Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG) successfully organised a regional strategic development workshop for the Pan African independent forest monitoring network (PA-OI). The workshop in Kribi, Cameroon- from 21-26 July 2019.

The workshop comprised two days of technical capacity building focused on technical investigations related to forestry crimes, illicit financial flows and transnational criminality. These sessions aimed to introduce technical competencies from forest law enforcement to enhance approaches to Independent Forest Monitoring. Facilitated by leading figures in regional environmental law enforcement in Africa, the training offered strategies and actions to fight illegal forestry exploitation, economic and financial crimes, and forest crime investigation techniques.

Following the training, a strategic planning workshop was facilitated for the African Platform of Independent Observation (PA-OI), a network bringing together 11 civil society organisations from across the Congo Basin, to share knowledge, experience and collaborate on issues related to Independent Forest Monitoring (IFM). The main objective of the workshop was to review, amend and adopt the strategic and operational tools necessary for operation of the technical secretariat of the platform. This included the finalisation of the platform’s strategic document, drafting a concrete action plan, and the development of an internal and external communication plan. Ms Horline Njiké, the Secretary General of the Field Legality Advisory Group (FLAG) and a founding member of the platform, summarised the workshop objectives to “validate and agree on the principles, criteria and indicators necessary for an operational and solid IFM for the platform members”.

Learn more about the African Platform of Independent Observation (PA-OI).

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