Proposal Writing and Project Design workshop in Guyana builds capacity and raises awareness of FLEGT VPA

Proposal writing workshops in Guyana

Following our experience with the EU FAO FLEGT Programme in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) in 2014 and following various capacity needs assessments undertaken in many FLEGT-VPA countries, CIDT obtained funding from DFID under its three year (2012-2015) Capacity Strengthening and Empowerment to Improve Forest Governance grant to build capacities in the area of project design and proposal writing for FLEGT-VPA actors in Cote d’Ivoire (CI), the Republic of Congo (Congo), Central African Republic (CAR) Ghana, Guyana and Liberia. One of the key outputs of this grant was to further the longer term strategic goals of the FLEGT process through empowering actors involved in this process to leverage financial resources required to deliver in country actions. This was meant to enhance and enable those trained to apply for modest nationally/international based FLEGT grants to fund FLEGT actions bespoke to their country conditions.  The Guyana Proposal Writing and Project Design workshop was jointly organised and delivered by CIDT, University of Wolverhampton, the Guyana Forestry Commission and the FLEGT Support Unit in Guyana, coordinated by the Palladium Group.

The main goals of the workshops were:

  • To improve on the quality of funding proposals developed by FLEGT-VPA actors in Guyana for different funding agencies including the EU FAO FLEGT Programme, the DFID-Norway small grants scheme piloted by the Palladium Group, etc;
  • To provide an opportunity for strengthening partnerships between local organisations operating in the field of sustainable forest and natural resources management.
  • Increase awareness of participants about the FLEGT VPA process in general and the state of progress with the Guyana Process.

37 participants took part in the training from the 39 preselected individuals. The workshop was opened by the representative of the Guyana Forestry Commission, Kenny David and the FLEGT Facilitator for Guyana, Dr Alhassan Attah. They all welcomed the participants, CIDT and the Palladium Group for organizing the event for the benefit of Guyanese stakeholders. They all urged the participants to take advantage of the opportunity to improve their capacities in the area of project design and proposal writing.

CIDT Facilitators (Dr Aurelian Mbzibain, Richard Nyirenda and Rufsana Begum) focused the training around three major themes:

  1. The key issues around the FLEGT VPA Process in the country;
  2. The essential elements of a project (intervention logic, indicators and sources of verification, risks and assumptions, budget, sustainability) and project design tools (stakeholder analysis, the problem tree, the objective tree, the logical framework, the risk analysis table, etc.);
  3. Elements of a good funding proposal and criteria for different donors including the EU FAO FLEGT Programme and the DFID-Norway Grant scheme delivered by the Palladium Group.

Results from the end of course evaluation show that participants were very satisfied with the delivery of the course in terms of content and facilitation.  This is captured in the following quotes:

“This five day course is beyond price. There is no way the average participant could have afforded the opportunity to pursue this course at any level. It was a wealth of information and has added value to our life skills capacity, something we can have for life”.

“Frequent interactions between participants through group tasks should definitely be kept as it concretises the concepts learnt and foster collaborative approaches to finding solutions to common problems”

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