In June 2013, the Government of Rwanda signed an historic agreement to capitalise its National Fund for the Environment, with £22.5 million support from the British International Climate Fund. In the first phase of work in 2012, funded by CDKN, CIDT had supported the Rwandan government to design a Fund that met national development needs and the quality requirements of international finance. In the second DFID-funded phase of work, from 2012-15, CIDT supported the operationalisation of the Fund and developed its capacity. CIDT has now been awarded a further contract to support the operations of the FONERWA Secretariat into 2016.

FONERWA is now the largest demand-based Government-owned climate fund in Africa. FONERWA has built a strong reputation nationally, regionally and internationally through rapid operationalisation, resource mobilisation and its innovative, country-owned approach. Critical to this was the early engagement of potential donors, the Government’s integration of climate compatible development into national policy and the presence of strong institutional and governance conditions, built on a rigorous and realistic management design.

What does CIDT do?

The objectives of this new CDKN-funded phase of Fund support are to:

  • Support the internal operations of FONERWA, whilst ensuring that the Secretariat continues to operate effectively during a delicate transition period from Fund Management Team (FMT) to full GoR Secretariat.
  • Enhance FONERWA’s role in supporting the GoR’s ability to access and coordinate climate finance, including providing support to finalise MINIRENA’s proposal to the Green Climate Fund.

Through a local legal specialist, CIDT will provide on-demand legal advice to the FONERWA Fund Management Committee on all aspects of legal issues pertaining to FONERWA.

CIDT will support the strengthening of FONERWA Secretariat management processes and systems; and provide capacity development support to the FONERWA Secretariat staff through workshops, mentoring, virtual support as required. A Capacity Strategic Plan will be a key deliverable.

In close collaboration with the Fund Management Coordinator, CIDT will develop an organisational Strategic plan and an action plan for FONERWA. The strategy is designed to assist FONERWA in more effectively supporting the GoR’s National Green Growth and Climate Resilient development aims and ambitions.

CIDT will support the revision, refinement and finalisation of MINIRENA’s proposal to the Green Climate Fund, working closely with REMA and FONERWA.

CIDT will work with the FONERWA Fund Management Coordinator to scope further technical work required, in response to other emerging strategic needs, including support of Rwanda’s access to climate finance.

FONERWA launch

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