Rachel Roland, Jon Macartney and Philip Dearden of CIDT joined some 55 participants from 14 Countries who participated in an intensive three day workshop in Rwanda, July 22-24th 2015.

Organised by REMA, CDKN and CIDT the meeting provided Rwanda the chance to share its success in establishing the innovative National Fund for Environment and Climate Change (FONERWA), which is the largest in Africa.

The workshop was opened by Dr Vincent Biruta, the Rwandan Minister of Natural Resources, who warmly welcomed the participants and urged all to utilise the opportunity of this valuable workshop to discuss and share experiences.

Dr Rose Mukankomeje, Director General of REMA said that it’s a great pleasure for Rwanda to welcome participants from around the world and for everyone to share different approaches for structuring and operating national climate finance mechanisms.

Kigali Climate Resource Mobilisation Exchange

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Kigali Climate Resource Mobilisation Exchange
Kigali Climate Resource Mobilisation Exchange
Kigali Climate Resource Mobilisation Exchange
Kigali Climate Resource Mobilisation Exchange

Facilitated by Rachel Roland of CIDT and Julienne Nier of CDKN the specific purpose of the workshop was to Support South-South Dialogue on challenges and opportunities related to long-term finance for low emissions and climate resilient development.

The specific workshop objectives were:

  • Build a better understanding of the enabling environment for successful resourcing for the implementation of CCD plans;
  • Identify opportunities for innovative approaches to the architecture and operation of national climate finance;
  • Explore strategies to engage the private sector, including SMEs;
  • Share experiences in building readiness for the effective use of international climate funds;
  • Reflect on the lesson learning processes in four African countries and how lesson learning can be integrated into current and future decision making in participating countries; and
  • Maximise the impact of the learning project by engaging an international audience and non-government actors, to capture their rich experiences and share emerging know-how with the wider CCD community;

The interactive workshop journey followed, shown schematically below, was:

Kigali workshop schematic

The workshop outcomes were:

  • Participants identified actions, gaps, strengths to round out their climate change resourcing planning and readiness.
  • Participants critically interrogated Climate Finance readiness factors and mechanisms.
  • Participants were able to articulate innovations around the design and implementation of their national climate funds to ensure their sustainability.
  • Participants have a better understanding how to engage the private sector in financing the implementation of CCD plans.
  • Participants have drawn out important lessons/learnings relevant to their own country context and have an action plan how to apply these lessons/learnings.

A Workshop Learning paper will follow shortly.

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