Capacity Development and Training Support

CIDT have been providing capacity development support to the Rwandan Land Tenure Regularisation Support Programme for the past year.

The objective of the assignment was to develop a training strategy and implementation plan for the Land Tenure Regularisation programme.

Outputs to date

  1. A new training strategy and immediate capacity development plan which is now being implemented. One of the key immediate needs identified in the Training Strategy and Plan report was the development of six foundation level Land Administration Training Modules.
  2. A short training course on the ‘Design of Training Programmes’ for selected senior staff.
  3. A ‘Module Write Shop’ for selected hand-picked staff to develop six new five day training modules:
    • Module 1 – Introduction to Land Administration
    • Module 2 – Introduction to Land Laws
    • Module 3 – Introduction to Customer Care for Land Administration
    • Module 4 – Land Use Planning including Urban Planning
    • Module 5 – Introduction to GIS/Surveying for Land Administration
    • Module 6 – (to follow) ICT and the use of ICT Tablets in Land Administration
  4. Two ‘Training of Trainer’ (ToT) courses for senior staff of RNRA who are involved in the delivery of the new training modules.
  5. A series of three training support manuals (see covers below. Email if you would like a copy of these):
    • Handbook 1: Seven Simple Steps to Effective Training Design
    • Handbook 2: Seven Key Ingredients of Effective Training Delivery
    • Handbook 3: Coaching for Development – Seven simple Steps
    • A further manual on ‘Training Needs Analysis – 7 Easy Steps’ will follow soon
Training of Trainers course

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Rwanda Land Administration Handbook
Rwanda Land Administration Handbook
Rwanda Land Administration Handbook

Training of Trainers Course Partipants 11- 13 Feburary 2015

Training of Trainers Course Partipants 16- 18 Feburary 2015

Training of Trainers Course Partipants (16 – 18 Feburary 2015)

with Eng. Didier G. Sagashya, Deputy Director General, Department of Lands and Mapping, Rwanda Natural Resources Authority.

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