CIDT has been contracted by the Trade Capacity Building Branch of UNIDO to develop an online training programme on Trade Capacity Development (TDC), with a focus on Quality Infrastructure (QI). The intended users are UNIDO’s national and international project staff as well as relevant government officers, private sector organisations and consumer groups.

This online course will serve as:

  1. a refresher course for staff who have previously undertaken the Trade Capacity training course;
  2. a substitute for the training course for those who did not attend; and
  3. a prerequisite for attending advanced face-to-face training in Trade Capacity Development (TCD). 

The training programme will provide an introduction to QI and will enable users to gain an understanding of how the various levels and requirements of QI interact. While participants are likely to be knowledgeable about their own domains of Trade Capacity Development (TCD), this course will support them to understand the relationship between their area of focus and expertise within the broader framework of National Quality Infrastructure (NQI).

Trade is recognised as a potential engine for growth and wealth creation. Trade facilitation makes it easier for developing countries to participate in international trade and has the potential to significantly increase global gross domestic product (GDP), with a large proportion of gains made in Least Developed Countries (LDCs).

CIDT staff members, Patt Flett and Kimberly Ross, are collaborating with UNIDO to develop, test and roll-out ten (10) modules between January and May 2016.

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