The Commonwealth Secretariat is the principal intergovernmental body of the Commonwealth, responsible for advancing and achieving the shared goals of the association’s 53 member governments in advancing democracy and development.

CIDT has been contracted by the Strategic Planning and Evaluation Division (SPED) to develop and deliver an online training course in Results Based Management which is expected to fully integrate the Secretariat’s RBM framework, approach, tools and system. Gender will be mainstreamed throughout the programme in line with the launch of the Secretariat’s Gender Equality Policy in 2012 which has prioritised the mainstreaming of gender within the systems, policies and work programmes of the Secretariat.

The target users are all staff of the Commonwealth Secretariat. By the end of the training, it is expected that staff should:

  • Have acquired knowledge of RBM principles, terminology, tools and approaches.
  • Have a sound understanding of the RBM Framework at the Secretariat, including its guidelines, system, tools and templates.
  • Have developed identifiable skills and abilities in applying the RBM knowledge, tools and approaches to problem analysis, project planning and design, monitoring, assessment, evaluation and reporting tasks.
  • Have an awareness of gender analysis concepts and its application to RBM in their work.

CIDT staff Ella Haruna and Marc Pavey are working to deliver the course development by July 2016.

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