Half the world’s unemployed are under 24, youth unemployment has reached epic proportions over the past two decades. Although young people represent 25 per cent of the working age population, they make up closer to 50 per cent of the people out of work worldwide – some 88 million 15 to 24 year olds are out of work. CIDT has carried out 4 evaluations of youth unemployment programmes and projects for ILO and the World Bank.

In 2012 a small CIDT team undertook the Final evaluation of the World Bank’s Global Partnership for Youth Investment. The GPYI supported PLAN International and Imagine Nations to catalyse pilots of scalable sustainable youth investment systems and models to tackle unemployment. This independent evaluation sought to review all activities under the GPYI with a focus on four key areas of focus: Effectiveness, Efficiency/cost-effectiveness, Governance and management and Sustainability. CIDT staff Philip Dearden, Ella Haruna, Jill Edbrooke and Ellie Curtain conducted field visits to Indonesia and El Salvador and presented the findings in Washington DC.

In 2012 CIDT delivered the Midterm Independent Evaluation of the YEN/Sida project (2010-2012) supporting the Youth Unemployment Network (YEN). The Youth Employment Network is a partnership of the United Nations, International Labour Organization, and World Bank, created in 2001 as a global platform to prioritize youth employment. Under Team Leader Ella Haruna, CIDT evaluated project progress, success factors and lessons learned and presented the findings in Geneva.

In 2011 CIDT implemented a Programmatic Assessment of Imagine Nations Group (ING) activities under the World Bank Global Partnership for Youth Investment. CIDT conducted desk research, interviews and field visits to Zambia and Indonesia and findings were presented in Washington DC.

In 2008 CIDT undertook the Mid-term review of the Sida sponsored Youth Employment Network (YEN). View report.

“The report is a thorough, comprehensible overview of the programme activity. Somehow you managed to capture the intentions at the beginning, compile a history of the actions and activities that took place and evaluate the results at the end. Along the way you offer insight and analysis to contributing factors throughout the process. It has been a pleasure to work with CIDT on this assignment.” Senior Policy Advisor, Plan International

Image gallery from field visit to Zambia in 2011 looking at entreprenurship projects

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