Our values

CIDT is a specialist in capacity strengthening services for international development agencies, projects and programmes. We offer practical solutions based on over 4 decades of experience in more than 140 countries worldwide, with capacity strengthening at the heart of all that we do.

Our vision

Strengthened capacity for inclusive and sustainable development

Our mission

To be the partner of choice for empowering individuals, organisations and institutions to attain their full potential and reach their desired goals.

“The Fund has been successful in its objective of mobilising climate finance for Rwanda… There has been international recognition of the Fund and the way it is managed… Systems and processes have been strengthened.”

Source: DFID FONERWA Annual Review 2015. The project output ‘Capacity for managing the Fund built and transferred to the Government of Rwanda’ scored ns A+ (exceeded expectation). View project details.


Our strategy

To achieve our mission, we:

  • Develop individual competencies to conduct specific tasks;
  • Improve individual and organisational capabilities to perform efficiently and effectively; and
  • Strengthen the capacity of projects, programmes and policies to foster an enabling environment for inclusive and sustainable development.

Our values

Our values underpin all the work we undertake. They are:

  • Partnership
  • Participation
  • Effectiveness
  • Integrity
  • Professionalism
  • Equity
  • Sustainability
CV4C action planning workshops

“In terms of achievements, I can say that the themes covered allowed me to develop my leadership skills. This ability is necessary to be able to search for, mobilize and manage funds and create synergy between organizations.”

Source: Participant of a CIDT-led regional Experience-Sharing and Lesson-Learning workshop in Cameroon, December 2015. View workshop details.

Our guiding principles

These principles express how we embody those values.  We:

  • Work flexibly and in partnership to optimise performance and meet client and stakeholder needs.
  • Promote participatory approaches and both depth and breadth of stakeholder engagement.
  • Ensure high quality standards, effective delivery and a results-oriented approach.
  • Maintain transparency and accountability in our engagement with clients, partners, stakeholders and beneficiaries.
  • Promote gender responsiveness and empowerment, and give voice to marginalized and vulnerable groups.
  • Value diversity and recognise diverse perspectives and contributions
  • Enable our clients to implement interventions that have lasting impact on the society and economy, while protecting the environment for future generations.

CIDT’s Capacity Strengthening approach has been commended as a major factor for success.

“The Livelihood Forestry Programme (LFP) has shown that inclusive social mobilisation and capacity building is possible in the forestry sector.”

Source: Project Completion Report of the DFID-funded, CIDT-led Livelihood Forestry Programme (LFP) in Nepal. View project details.