Organisational development in Cameroon on gender mainstreaming in the workplace

Personnel du CED

Présentation Same Teclaire

Intensify the fight against discrimination of women: Strengthen partnership to speed up sustainable development “; this is the theme of the International Women’s Day celebrations in Cameroon, 8 March 2018.

The women at CV4C project partner CED have taken this opportunity to draw the attention of colleagues to the concept of gender in the workplace. The purpose of the meeting was to evaluate CED’s gender policy with the view towards more effective implementation.

Same Teclaire et Michele Danleu

CED’s gender policy has been in place since 1997. As the context is constantly evolving, Mrs. Michèle Danleu who is in charge of the CED policy has updated the policy to take into account existing national and international standards, to ensure effective implementation. Additionally, Mrs. Téclaire Same invited a reflection on the possibilities of implementing this approach on a daily basis.

Participants showed great interest in the fight against discrimination of women in the workplace. There were many concerns and contributions, including gender mainstreaming in the implementation of activities, as well as ways to break stereotypes. Constructive exchanges were based on the theme of ‘gender’ not being a ‘danger’ for men.


Communications Officer
Centre pour l’Environnement et le Développement (CED)

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