New online course for project managers

In August 2019, CIDT visited the International Secretariat of Transparency International in Berlin to kick-start a new contract to develop an e-learning course in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning, commonly known as ‘MEL’. The purpose of this inception visit was to ensure in-depth shared understanding of the scope of work and target audience of the ‘MEL’ course.

Transparency International is a global movement with a mandate to fight corruption at global, regional and national levels. The movement is composed of over 100 independent organisations or ‘national chapters’ employing 1800 staff. Monitoring, Evaluating and Learning has been recognised as a key training gap for the staff implementing Transparency International projects.

Transparency International (TI) Secretariat has selected CIDT as the consultant to conceptualise and structure the Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning (MEL) online course and to devise and implement the appropriate pedagogical approach.

During the visit the CIDT team of Ella Haruna and Cristina Jara Cazares were able to conduct a rapid training needs assessment exercise of Secretariat project managers and a range of other stakeholders. Key findings were identified including: target audience, training needs, governance, prior experience of online solutions and corporate implications. All of this is valuable information to enable us to ensure that the course is appropriately targeted and the pedagogical approach is suitable.

The overall learning aim for the online course is to strengthen the confidence and capability of Transparency International Chapters and Secretariat to undertake effective Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning of projects and programmes for anticorruption.

The course is expected to be developed over the next 4 months and before its launch, a pilot will be carried out with a selected user group of TI Secretariat staff and participants from the national chapters. The course will then be developed in French and Spanish to ensure wider reach.

CIDT has previous experience of developing online courses for clients including the Commonwealth Secretariat and the NDC Partnership. In addition, our own online course in Results-Based Management has been undertaken by a wide range of groups including the International Labour Organization (ILO), the Carbibbean Development Bank, RNLI and many other organisations, using it as a precursor to face-to-face training.

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