New mobile app tested with forest monitors in Republic of Congo

Photo by the Jane Goodall Institute.

Photo par Jane Goodall Institute.


Forest watcher app

Partners on the CV4C project are working together to test a new forest monitoring mobile app. Forest Watcher, has been developed by the World Resources institute (WRI). Forest Watcher is designed to allow easy, offline access to data about forest change on mobile devices in the hands of forest managers, indigenous communities and law enforcement anywhere in the world, regardless of connectivity.

WRI is working with project partner ‘Cercle d’Appui à la Gestion Durable des Forêts’ (CAGDF) to pilot the mobile app for forest monitoring. CAGDF is accessing satellite data in the app to identify areas of forest clearing occurring in and around timber concessions and verify if it is in compliance with VPA-FLEGT regulations and national and local laws.

They are also using the photo and customizable form feature of the app to collect information and data as inputs into their monitoring reports. Additionally, they are providing WRI with valuable insights as to how civil society forest monitors operating in other countries might best be able to integrate the app into their workflows, and with feedback that will inform and improve future versions of the app.

Forest Watcher links 

The following video shows Forest Watcher in use

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