Needs assessment to lead to targeted project management training for Nigerian power sector

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From 2018-2019, CIDT’s Rachel Roland, Ella Haruna and Richard Nyirenda are providing valuable technical assistance to an important and exciting project that is providing support to the Nigerian power sector.

It is well known that despite being a middle income country with significant natural resources, Nigeria has amongst the worst infrastructure in Africa, and the country’s poor power supply regularly tops surveys on constraints to investment and economic development.

Providing a training needs assessment (TNA)

CIDT is providing technical assistance services to the Nigeria Power Support Programme through a consortium led by Coffey – a Tetra Tech Company and McKinsey & Company. CIDT’s role is to provide technical support for a comprehensive project management training needs assessment of the Transmission Company of Nigeria (TCN). In this role CIDT is working closely with leading Nigeria consultancy firm Philips Consulting Limited (PCL).

In November and December 2018, CIDT experts undertook visits to Abuja and Lagos during which they worked with PCL and TCN to support the design of the TNA and analysis of needs assessment data and the development of a training plan for TCN. This task aims to support the company in improving its project management skills in the context of large internal and externally funded projects.

Needs assessment informs training

Drawing on the training needs identified by the PCL team a training programme comprising face-to-face project management training courses, train the trainer course and on the job training and coaching will be rolled out by PCL across all the 9 TCN regional offices. CIDT will lead on the delivery of a bespoke 1 week course on ‘Funded Project Management and Training of Trainers’. This CIDT component will be targeted at ‘programme management champions’ within TCN, who will be at the forefront of catalysing and rolling out good project management practice with TCN. It is anticipated that the training programme will in the long term enable the company to effectively implement its projects ensuring that more and more Nigerians have access to the national electricity grid.

CIDT is very proud to be involved in this work, which will contribute to increasing access to electricity for Nigerian citizens.

Richard Nyirenda

The Coffey support project is funded through DFID’s wider programme – the Nigeria Infrastructure Advisory Facility (NIAF). The project is acting as a bridge between the second and third phase of the NIAF. The aim of the project is to provide technical support to the Nigerian power sector and is helping the government of Nigeria to implement effectively its reform to the power sector through its Power Sector Recovery Programme including strengthening internal processes within the Rural Electrification Agency of Nigeria to deliver on its mandate to increase access to modern energy.

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