Mission: CAGDF undertake forest mission in Cuvette

From 27th of August to 1st of September 2018 a team of independent observers escorted by a DDEF-Cu representative was assigned an OI mission in the region of Cuvette, within the Development Forestry Unit (UFA) of Makoua, allocated to Wang Sam Ressources (WSR).

The mission aimed at assessing the enforcement of the forestry laws by the Public Authority and their observance by WSR. It took place within the period from January 2017 to July 2018. Furthermore the gathering of the required documentation the assignment checked also the observance of the mean maturity diameters, the limit opening and materialization, the effectiveness relative to the marking of saw logs, abutments and stumps.

The mission was supported by the CV4C project.

Click here to download the full report (French only).

Executive Summary

With regard to the enforcement of the laws by DDEF-Cu the assignment noticed the following comments:

  • Granting in 2018 to WSR of a completion permit with the species other than those remaining to be cut down in Block A of the 2017’s extra felling ;
  • Granting in 2017 and 2018 of Special Licenses (PS) on the basis of incomplete requests ;
  • Low level of the performance of working site inspection assignments ;
  • Failure to penalize AGROTEC CONGO for the unlawful clearing of trees over 600 ha;
  • Application of the article 162 of the Forestry Code in lieu of the article 143 of the Forestry Code ;
  • Lack of regulatory provisions in some minutes.

As far as the compliance of the forestry laws by WSR is concerned the mission a commented what follows:

  • Low rate of commitment fulfilment of the terms and conditions (14%);
  • Low capacity in the production of unhewn wood ;
  • Failure to mark saw log stumps and spur bearing ;
  • Fraudulent felling of 9 plants all species considered in the completion of 2017 extra cutting-down;
  • Use of fraudulent practices in order to avoid the payment of felling tax.

In the view of the preceding:

The Independent Observatory recommends that:

  • The Chief Forestry Authorities (Head Inspection Office and Head Office of Forestry Economy) makes an assessment mission about the fulfillment of the provisionsrelative to the convention by WSR in accordance with the article 173 of the Decree2002-437;
  • DDEF-Cu:
  • Complieswiththeproceduresofthefellinggrantingproceduresprovidedbytheforestry laws in force;
  • Makes more working site inspection assignment ;
  • Draws up the minutes about the reports on breaches of laws according to the facts noticed on sites;
  • Sets up a strategy on tax and fin collection.
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