Minutes of the 4th session of the Reading and Validation Committee (RVC) of the Mandated IM Mission Reports

Comité de Lecture et de Validation

The fourth session of the Reading and Validation Committee (RVC) of the first IM report under CV4C, relating to the mandated independent monitoring mission carried out from 24 May to 02 June 2018 with the management and exploitation permits (PEA) No.164 of the company Thanry Centrafrique (TCA) in Bamba and No. 175 of Société forestière de la Kadéï (SOFOKAD) in Dédé Mokouba, took place on August 7, 2018 in the meeting room of the Ministry of Water, Forests, Hunting and Fishing (MEFCP). The aim was to verify compliance and enforcement of the forest law based on Principles 4, 5, 6, 8 and 9 of the FLEGT/VPA legality matrix.

The meeting was attended by:

For the Office of the Prime Minister

  • Patrick NAMBEARE, NGOs Adviser, Chair of the Reading and Validation Committee

For the Forest Administration

  • YALIBANDA Yves, Director of Cabinet of the Ministry of Water, Forests, Hunting and Fishing;
  • Ruben NAMBAÏ, Environmental Officer;
  • DOTE Pierre, Representing the South West Region Development Project(PDRSO) ;
  • NAKOE Prosper, Director-General of the Centre for Forest Data (CDF) ;

For the Independent Monitors

  • Marien YAKITE, Expert IM-FLEGT CV4C, member of the mission ;
  • Josias ZENETH, Independent Monitor, member of the mission ;
  • Laurent YANGUETA, Project Manager CV4C, member of the mission ;

For the Private Sector

  • BEGOTO Grégoire, Representative of Timberland;

For the Civil Society

  • Parfait ZOGA, Coordinator of  GDRNE platform, member of the RVC ;
  • Sékou GARY, Representative of the National Committee for Implementation and Monitoring (CNMOS) platform;
  • BIKO Rigobert, member of the RVC;
  • Kevine Juvenale ZANRE, member of the RVC;

Following the roll call and having reported that the quorum was reached, the working session began with the introductory words of the Chair of the Reading and Validation Committee Mr. Patrick NAMBEARE, NGOs Adviser to the Prime Minister’s Office. He took the opportunity to remind all members of the RVC about the importance of the mission they have been assigned.

The methodology consisted of a point by point and permit after permit examination of the findings by the IM and making relevant recommendations. For both PEAs, a total of five key facts were reviewed by the RVC and six (6) major recommendations were made. The detailed report will provide the necessary information.

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