MfDR training in Haiti enhances competitiveness of SMEs

MfDR Training for SMEs in Haiti

CIDT’s Sarah Thomas and Dr Aurelian Mbzibain conducted a Managing for Development Results (MfDR) workshop for the Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) Network of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). The workshop, which was held in Haiti from 21-25 August 2017, brought together 26 participants (20 males and 6 females) from all over the country.

The CTCS programme seeks to contribute to the stimulation of entrepreneurship, while at the same time enhancing the competitiveness of the Region’s productive sector through capacity building and skills transfer. In line with its mission, this training was delivered to address key operational and managerial deficiencies amongst beneficiaries and to enhance the competitiveness of Micro, Small and Medium-sized Enterprises (MSMEs) in Haiti.

MfDR Training for SMEs in Haiti
Michel Thomas, Operations Officer (CTCS)

In his welcoming words Michel Thomas, Operations Officer (CTCS) Private Sector Development Division of Caribbean Development Bank (CDB), noted the importance of the workshop and the key role of the participants in firstly learning about MfDR and then sharing it in their own workplaces with both colleagues and client groups. Mr Frantz Bernard CRANN, President of the Board of Directors of the Haiti Financial Society for Development (Société Financière Haïtienne de Développement S.A, known by its French acronym SOFIHDES), appreciated the support of the CDB to national development efforts in the Caribbean and Haiti more specifically. He called on all participants to engage actively in the course, to share their experiences and learn from international best practices in MfDR.

During the workshop participants worked enthusiastically on the development of real projects for their own areas of work. The general quality of the training of trainers (TOT) work undertaken and presented on the last day of the workshop by the participants was very high.

Evaluation feedback on the workshop was very positive with many participants reporting that they had both fully engaged in the workshop process and learned a lot of practical, useful information and new skills. For many, the concepts surrounding MfDR have been demystified in a practical and useful manner.

Some feedback received at the end of the course:

“I am completely satisfied with the way this training was organised and delivered. Congratulations to those who organised the workshop and facilitators. I would recommend that SOFIHDES maintains this level of responsibility and engagement. Once again congratulations.”

“This training was brilliantly delivered. The trainers were excellent – the tools used were appropriate and the timelines respected. I recommend that the next time the training is delivered that participants actually write up a full proposal.”

CIDT would like to thank Mr Michel Thomas for his very helpful briefings and careful planning of the workshop.  We would also like to thank SOFIHDES officials for excellent organisation of the event especially Mr Frantz Bernard CRANN, Madame Michaelle Lamothe FORTUNE and Caroline PIDOUX for their help and support in organising the logistics of the workshop and for preparing all the course materials. Most of all, we would like to thanks all the participants for their very active participation in what was an intensive workshop – together we achieved a lot in a short space of time!

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