Lessons from three years of education sector support in Zambia

ZESSTA document covers

We are delighted to announce the successful conclusion of the DFID Zambia Education Sector Support Technical Assistance facility (ZESSTA) (2014-2018). CIDT have provided over 550 staff and associate days of technical assistance from Lilla Oliver, Patt Flett, Andrew Snowden and Rob Smith in the areas of Curriculum Reform, Human Resources Management and Research, Evaluation and Impact.

Results papers

ZESSTA Results Papers document coverThe Results Papers document offers some key information on how a demand-driven Support Technical Assistance project can focus on areas of key government need to push forward on key constraints in the topics of: Planning, Technical Assistance, strengthening M&E for accountability in an education ministry,  bringing in a new approach to school leadership, developing a new assessment policy and implementing it and the introduction of teaching practice standards.

The document features all six results paper produced:

  • Implementation of the revised curriculum;
  • Using technical assistance to get things done in a busy organisation;
  • Towards a learning and accountable ministry: Strengthening M&E capacity in the Ministry of General Education;
  • Zambia adopts a new approach to strengthening school leadership;
  • Improving learning for all: Developing assessment policy and changing practice;
  • Developing teacher performance through national professional standards.

Lesson learning

ZESSTA Lesson Learning document coverThe Lesson Learning paper highlights several important achievements and lessons from the facility including:

  • the introduction of teaching standards;
  • the support a TA Facility can provide and conditions for it;
  • the significance of how and where decisions are made in conjunction with the TA facility;
  • the nature of human and financial resourcing;
  • the time required for adopting new approaches.

Lastly there are lessons about how to develop a legacy for the project so that the results are embedded.

ZESSTA Podcast

To bring ZESSTA to life in the words of key project partners, you can listen to the podcast outlining the context, journey and achievements of ZESSTA.

We wish all project participants and partners well in their future endeavours as this key support to Zambia budget support ends.

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