Intensive Monitoring and Evaluation Clinic for the International Labour Organisation

Monitoring and Evaluation Clinic for the International Labour Organisation

The International Labour Organisation (ILO) of the United Nations use Results Based Management systems for the design and delivery of their international project and programmes. The Monitoring, Review and Evaluation of these programmes was the focus of an M&E Clinic held in the Regional ILO office in Budapest, Hungary led by Philip Dearden, Head of CIDT.

The M&E Clinic was attended by senior regional ILO staff from Albania, Moldovia, Macedonia, Serbia, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the Ukraine.

The learning objectives of the event were: to provide a refresher on key concepts of results measurement; and practice its application to current or future interventions of the ILO office in the sub region.

Specific topics covering in the M&E Clinic were:

  • The rationale for results measurement and the ‘results chain’;
  • Seven simple planning steps and seven key questions to ask;
  • Logical Frameworks and Theories of Change;
  • Key concepts of results measurement and its application to key areas of intervention of ILO in the sub-region;
  • Monitoring, Reviews and Evaluations;
  • Practical Monitoring, Review and Evaluation tools.

Live ILO projects and programmes on youth employment, collective bargaining, and minimum wages were selected for discussion and development.  Five specific ILO projects/programmes were developed:

  1. Improving Human Resource Development in Moldova;
  2. Creating an “Enabling Environment” for Business in Ukraine;
  3. Improving Occupational Health and Safety in the Mining Industry in Ukraine;
  4. The provision of Decent Work in the Bosnia and Herzegovina Country Programme;
  5. The Development of inclusive Labour Markets for Job Creation in Ukraine.

The M&E Clinic was followed by a full day of a participatory Annual Review and Country Level Planning session for the ILO Sub region. This was attended by 47 staff from across the region.

Images from the training

Below: Markus Pilgrim, ILO Regional Director, opens the M&E Clinic for senior Regional Staff.

Below: Markus Pilgrim closing the Clinic with a lively session on   “What not to do! – Frequently observed mistakes in Project Design and Monitoring and Evaluation work.”













Some participant’s comments from the end of Clinic Evaluation forms:

“Excellent facilitation”

“Really good training techniques used”

“Relevance of the topics and examples reviewed”

“I enjoyed every minute of it!”

“Using real projects proposals to contextualise the theory and concepts in M and E.”

“The sessions on ‘Theory of Change’ were very useful.”

“I really like the deep explanations of the meaning of blocks of the logframe.”

“Working on concrete issues was really good.”

“Carefully prepared materials – these were really useful – Thank you for them.”

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