Helping NHS projects to set a clear path to results

In August 2022 CIDT’s Ella Haruna delivered training for staff from Global Health Partnerships of the NHS, which works to strengthen health systems and services in England and across the world through international exchanges. The training was delivered for 20 participants at the Telford campus of the University of Wolverhampton.

Global Health Partnerships staff were keen to explore how their initiatives can produce and demonstrate desirable outcomes – and to identify a common language and shared approach to project design and monitoring across their Directorates.

The two-day training introduced the logical framework and theory of change as two tools or approaches for commissioning, planning, monitoring, review, evaluation and lesson learning, and to explore and articulate how social change happens in the context of a project.

Participants said:

“I enjoyed that we used our own examples in the breakout work . It helped me to understand better what I need to do…”

“I enjoyed the interactive aspect of the training. It was very useful to have a “budding project/programme” for teams to work on. It was useful as a mechanisms not only to help teams see a different perspective to their “logic” but also generate a Directorate wide understanding.” 

“The action learning set approach with review of the project by my peers was useful. Leaving the workshop with some specific actions to implement in my prospective project.”

“It was a really engaging course, and I learned a new tools to help facilitate building collaborative ToCs with partners.”

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