• CIDT launch training in Grenada and Barbados for the Caribbean Development Bank

    28 November 2017
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    CIDT teams are training Government officials in two Borrowing Member Countries (BMCs) of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB); Grenada and Barbados. In each country CIDT are delivering a suite of Project Cycle Management training modules to an audience of cross-Ministry staff engaged in design, implementation or reporting of projects. Training is to be rolled out to a further 17 countries in 2018.

    The Caribbean Development Bank is driving a wide transformation agenda to catalyse the change needed if the Region is to achieve the Sustainable Development Goals by 2030. To enable more effective management of policy, programmes and projects and contribute to addressing the regional implementation deficit, the Bank is executing a Public Policy Analysis and Management (PPAM) and Project Cycle Management (PCM) Training programme, to which CIDT are contracted as the PCM training consultants.

    In November to December 2017 CIDT staff will deliver 21 days of training in Grenada and Barbados, including modules in risk management, monitoring and evaluation, project implementation, managing technical assistance, project appraisal and train the trainer. In Barbados Des Mahony led the training team, working with CIDT regional associates Joy Mapp Jobbity and Susan Branker Green. In Grenada, Patt Flett launched the programme with Claudia Nicholson, Karen Persad, and Nana Hesse-Bayne. Ella Haruna supported training delivery in both countries.

    Participant feedback was very positive on the training:

    • “It was well executed”
    • “The course was great” 
    • “No improvements needed – it was excellent!”

    The key outcomes of the 2015-18 PPAM and PCM Training Programme are improved PPAM and PCM practices at individual/institutional levels, in BMCs and within the Bank; and a more robust CDB pipeline of investment and Technical Assistance projects. In addition to the large training programme in 19 BMCs, CIDT will support other components: support to 5 programme regional workshops, and a number of call-down days to support ‘stuck’ projects or provide additional bespoke training.

    Please contact Ella Haruna (contract manager) or David Meechan (project coordinator) for further information.

    Media Coverage of the PPAM and PCM Training Programme in Grenada and Barbados

    CIDT were initially contracted in 2012 to conduct the Training Needs Assessment that fed into to the Bank’s design of the project. In 2016 CIDT were invited by programme coordinator Mr Reginald Graham to provide Monitoring and Evaluation Technical Assistance for the start-up phase of the Caribbean Development Bank’s new capacity development programme. The assignment included assisting the Bank to establish a country-led M&E system in the six phase one countries including Barbados, Bahamas, Guyana, Saint Lucia, Turks and Caicos, Trinidad and Tobago. Find out more in the following news articles:

    CIDT have provided Capacity Development Support for a series of workshops on Managing for Development Results (MfDR) for the Caribbean Technological Consultancy Services (CTCS) Network’s Cooperating Institutions for the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB). See the following news articles:


    Photos from the workshop

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  • CIDT participate in Caribbean Forum to tackle the regional project implementation deficit

    26 September 2017
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    Daniel Best, Director of Projects

    As Hurricane Maria swept across the Caribbean with destructive force, representatives of the region’s Governments assembled in Barbados to attend the Leadership and Transformation Forum hosted by the Caribbean Development Bank. In the context of tepid economic growth, and high fiscal deficit, with 1 in 10 people living in food poverty, the Forum targeted the delivery of results within the context of vulnerable small island states.

    CIDT’s Ella Haruna participated in order to inform CIDT’s ongoing development of the curriculum of Caribbean Development Bank (CDB) training modules; and ensure the reflection of these cutting edge regional challenges. CIDT has been awarded the contract to deliver project cycle management training in 19 Borrowing Member Countries in 2017-18.

    Mr Daniel Best, Director of Projects at the Caribbean Development Bank, opened the conference, with opening remarks from the Vice-President Operations, Ms Monica La Bennett and Dr Warren Smith, President of CDB. Political will and capacity constraints were identified as the two key factors to explain the high level of inaction on project and programme implementation. It was noted that in some countries the project implementation rate sits at 20%, a result that in time leads to poor portfolio performance for the Bank itself. Strong emphasis was placed on training and capacity development including the CDB Public Policy Analysis and Management (PPAM) and Project Cycle Management (PCM) training programme, of which CIDT is a training provider.

    Dr  Justin Ram, Director of the Economics Department, compared the traditional path to economic development pursued by countries including the UK, to the alternative economic strategies of low debt and prudent fiscal management followed by Malaysia, New Zealand, Sweden and others – a model for the Caribbean context.

    Dato Sri Idria Jala, CEO of Pemandu Malaysia, gave a highly inspirational address on the secrets of transformational leadership based on the success of an eight-step methodology followed in Malaysia and many other countries, noting that “If you want to be a high income country, you must be inclusive”.

    Sir Michael Barber spoke on the concept of “Deliverology” as a discipline, based on his experience of running the Delivery Unit under the Tony Blair administration in the UK, as well as his book “How to Run a Government”.

    The Prime Minister of Grenada, Dr the Honourable Keith Mitchell, currently sitting as the Chair of both CDB and CARICOM, addressed the forum on the new fiscal culture of responsibility in his country. He concluded with a leadership lesson on bringing people with you, “If you want to walk fast, walk alone; if you want to walk far, walk together”. Grenada will be one of the first two countries to participate in CIDT’s training programme, which will begin in October 2017.

    View the conference web page for more details on the speakers and to view the agenda.

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