Forest Governance Forum (FGF)

How can forest resources be managed in the interests of all stakeholders? How can Forest Governance be strengthened to deliver results that make economic, social and ecological sense? A Forest Governance Forum asks these questions and more, in an inclusive, respectful setting.

“Blending regional and global speakers and participants from Government, Civil Society, Trade & Industry, the NGO Community and the Academic World, the objective is to engage in debate surrounding Forest Governance issues within the host region in order to widen participation, facilitate more national voices in the conversation, and situate issues within a local and international context.”

Creating Space for Stakeholder Participation in Forest Governance

This video showcases the key achievements, challenges and recommendations around the Forest Governance Forums. Although created in 2014, the messages still hold true regarding how these innovative events can bring about progress through participation of a range of stakeholders.

Previous Forest Governance Forums

Click the links below to view reports, media, presentations and downloads for previous FGF events.

FGF Brazzaville 2018
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