Exploitation in Cameroon beyond the limits in a sale of cut attributed to Bifa’a village

Illegal logging activities have been allegedly observed in Cup Sale (VC) 0903451, located in Bifa’a Village and surrounding area of ​​Niété District, Ocean Department, Southern Region. The illegality of this activity was documented by the Local Center for Alternative Development (CeDLA) during an external independent observation mission (OIE), conducted according to the procedures of SNOIE system, ISO 9001: 2015 certified. During this mission, the monitors were able to identify that the alleged perpetrator of this illegal logging would be the firm Société Africaine des Bois de l’Est (SABE). This, in addition to exploiting the limits of Cup Sale, cuts wood without respecting the technical standards of logging.

The mission report was submitted to the Regional Delegate of Forests and Wildlife of the South with extension to the Ministry of Forestry and Wildlife. During the mission, many indications of illegalities were collected. These infractions occurred in the forest of the national domain (FDN) beyond VC 0903451, the absence of the marks on certain logs and the non-marking of the strains.

These allegedly illegal logging activities of SABE, were perpetrated in violation of Article 46 (1)[1] of Forest Law No. 94/01 of 20 January 1994 on the Forest, Wildlife and Wildlife Regime, punished by the provisions of Article 158[2] of the same Law. Also in violation of article 128 paragraph 6 of the law _81 / 013 of 27 November 1981 and the provisions of articles 97 (1) (a) (b) 3 and 98 (1)[3] of the law N 0 2016/007 of 12 July 2016 on the Penal Code.

CeDLA’s OIE mission was carried out with the financial support of the CV4C project.


[1] Article 46 (1): The exploitation agreement confers on the beneficiary the right to obtain a given volume of timber from a forest concession to supply its timber processing industry (s) in the long term. The operating agreement is accompanied by a set of specifications and defines the rights and obligations of the State and the beneficiary.

[2] Article 158: Is punishable by a fine of 3,000,000 to 10,000,000 CFA francs and imprisonment of one (1) year to three (3) years or only one of these penalties. author of one of the following offenses (…). Unauthorized logging in a state or communal forest, in violation of Articles 45 (1) and 46 (2). Exploitation beyond the limits of the forest concession and / or the volume and the period granted, in violation of Articles 47 (4) and 45 above, without prejudice to damages and interest on timber harvested, such as provided for in Article 159 below.

[3] Article 98: ‘Co-perpetrators and accomplices are liable to the same penalty as the principal perpetrator, except where the law provides otherwise.’

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