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Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

This course aims to provide a working knowledge of Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning (MEL) processes for practitioners working around the project cycle.


RBM and the Logical Framework Approach

This course introduces a range of 'project thinking tools' for results-based management (RBM), also known as the Logical Framework Approach.



Data collection, analysis and use

Methodologies such as the Logical Framework Approach help us identify what data we need and where to find it. In this module we look at how we collect data and what to do with it.


Evaluation and Learning

In this module we will look at the purpose of evaluation, different types of evaluation, how to support them and how we can apply the learning that comes from the evaluation process.

Solar farm field

Green Growth and Climate Change

This course will help you to recognise Green Growth and distinguish it from ‘business as usual’. Learn about the benefits, costs and concerns associated with it and its relevance to particular sectors.


Indicators – a key tool to measure progress

This course introduces indicators, which help us to generate information that informs the stakeholders and measures project performance and results.


Introduction to Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning

Whatever your starting point, this module will show you of the value of MEL as a core part of project management and an exciting and important area of project work!


Introduction to Results Frameworks and Theory of Change

In this module we explore two commonly used ways to plan projects, the Results Framework and the Theory of Change, and consider how we can use them as a base for monitoring.


Stakeholder Analysis

This module introduces two strategic planning tools, which can be used around the project cycle to plan and justify who will participate and how.

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