Danger. Catastrophic bleeding. Response. Alert. Breathing…what comes next?!

Hostile Environment Awareness Training

CIDT staff members have been put through their paces revising security management frameworks, personal safety and first aid. Clarity Security Training delivered a three-day training course running from 18-20 December on Hostile Environment Awareness Training.

Clarity devised a personalised training plan that exposed staff to some of the gravest risks that they may encounter in the field. This covered car-jacking, mugging, workplace injuries, and road traffic collisions, to name but a few.

Training culminated in practicing techniques and procedures in simulated incidents made realistic by actors who played casualties, bandits and project partners.

“Having never experienced some of the security issues in real life, it was great to be put under the pressure of some of the simulations and knowing that at the crucial moments the training kicked in and I was able to draw on some of the new techniques that I have learnt”, said Dani, Research Assistant and frequent traveller.

“From carjacking to conducting first aid, the three day intense training provided me with both the knowledge and practical skills to feel confident now and be less vulnerable, when facing risky situations, not just in the developing world, and when working in fragile contexts.” Rufsana Begum, Lecturer and Development Consultant

While ‘hostile’ may not necessarily be associated and used to describe some of the places and countries that CIDT work in, risks and crime exist in all corners of the world. Whether further afield or a normal day at the office, being clued up on first aid response, personal safety and security procedures, both individual and organisational, remains pertinent for each day on the job.

Thanks go to Clarity Security Training and with special mention to our trainers Lucy and Paul who have increased staff confidence when dealing with adverse circumstances.

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