Republic of Congo

Partner: Cercle d’appui à la gestion durable des forêts (CAGDF)

Domain: Improving the operational performance of CSOs in independent monitoring of the forest sector


In the Republic of Congo, the 2000 Forest Code (under revision) integrated the provision for civil society-led and mandated IM. However, the mandated forest monitor operated largely alone. Promoting a wider, decentralised cadre of national civil society monitors, including interaction with the evolving REDD+ strategy was a key national need.

Where there was poor collection of forest fines and taxes, now there is transparency and boosted revenue

he project has facilitated CAGDF to undertake regular IM missions. 52 reports and 10 analytical notes have been produced by CV4C partner CAGDF (available for viewing
and downloading at Through IM outputs, government improved calculation of the surface and export taxes that earned the Treasury over US$3,521,270. IM work has also improved transparency with over 99% of forest permits in the country monitored and reports providing up to date information on collection of forest revenue from companies, management of legal cases and sanctions regime.

Chart 1: Recovery of Forest Exploitation Taxes

Up to US$12,943,296 of uncollected taxes in 2018.

Chart 2: Level of collection of forestry-related fines

Only 21% of fines collected with unpaid amounts totalling US$1,795,844.

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