Stories of Change

IFM in CARAdvances in Independent Forest Monitoring are bringing change to the forests of the Congo Basin. The stories in these pages show how innovation, collaboration and partnerships have revolutionised IM capabilities, methods and attitudes in the five CV4C project countries.

The links below reveal several stories of real, meaningful and lasting change, realised through years of collaboration, hard work and innovation. These efforts are the work of civil society organisations that are motivated to implement the behaviour and systems required to ensure that Independent Forest Monitoring (IM) becomes an effective mechanism for improved forest management and governance. These impact stories are the results of coordinated efforts within and between countries, where lessons are shared, support is at hand, and goals are aligned.

Click the links below to read the stories, or click the image to download the brochure.

Regional and International
Standardisation and Lesson Learning. Where IM was doubted, it is now accepted.

Where IM was well established it has now been enhanced to follow internationally recognised quality standards.

Democratic Republic of Congo
Where organisations were disconnected, there is collaboration.

Central African Republic
Where IM was immature it has grown and become effective.

Where there was little activity, there is now expertise.

Republic of Congo
Where there was poor collection of forest fines and taxes, now there is transparency and boosted revenue.

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