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This project is financed by the European Union and the UK Department for International Development.
Interpol Regional Conference on law enforcement and illegal logging in the Congo Basin

interpol logoThe CV4C project is collaborating with the Interpol Regional office for Central Africa to deliver a regional workshop on law enforcement and illegal logging in the Congo Basin.

This event took place from 14-16 November 2017 at the INTERPOL Regional Office for Central Africa, Yaoundé, Cameroon

This conference bought together over 50 participants from law enforcement officials and a cross section of national and international civil society and research organisations involved in the fight against illegal logging from West and Central Africa.

The event was sponsored by the European Union through CV4C project and INTERPOL through the LEAF Project.

Aims of the event

This conference aimed to:

  • Build trust and relationships between law enforcement and NGOs involved in combating illegal logging/forest crime.
  • Strengthen the effectiveness of law enforcement agencies in preventing and combating forest crime.
  • Develop joint strategies to combat forest-related crime and other related offenses.
  • Promote national and transnational collaboration between the various stakeholders.

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Interpol Regional Conference on law enforcement and illegal logging in the Congo Basin


The main objective of the Citizen Voices for Change project is to strengthen the contribution of non-state actors (civil society, indigenous peoples & community organisations) to improve forest governance, sustainable forest management and the contribution of forest to development in the Congo Basin. The project is implemented by the Centre for International Development and Training (CIDT), University of Wolverhampton (United Kingdom) and a number of international, regional and national partners1. The project is funded by the European Union.

This conference is the first of its kind bringing together law enforcement authorities and non-state actors in the Congo Basin. The conference will run from the 14th – 16th November, 2017 at the Interpol Regional Office for Central Africa in Yaoundé, Cameroon. The conference will be implemented as part of the Interpol Regional Office for Central Africa’s annual activities.

Rationale and Aim

An empowered civil society, including indigenous peoples and local communities, with the capacity to access and analyse information, to monitor forest governance including forest land use policies, to advocate and to hold governments accountable are key to improve forest and land governance. It is central to the Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) and Reduction of Emissions from Deforestation and Forest Degradation (REDD+) processes. As forest and land use policies are susceptible to corruption, ensuring transparency and accountability linked to FLEGT and REDD+ implementation is key to the credibility and viability of both processes. As both REDD+ and FLEGT implementation makes progress on the ground there is an increasing acknowledgement of the need for open, transparent systems and processes and the ability of civil society and stakeholders (including e.g. right holders, farmers, the private sector and academics) to effectively engage in these processes. The conference seeks to contribute towards the achievement of these processes.

The aim is therefore to bring together law enforcement authorities and civil society so that they can share information on their different roles, explore mechanisms for exchange of information and build mutual collaboration and trust in their efforts to improve forest governance and fight against illegal logging and trade.

Download the Daily Bulletins

Download presentations from the conference

The following links enable you to download all powerpoint presentations and speeches from the conference. The majority of these resources are in French.

Opening/Closing Ceremonies
Download speeches and presentations

First session: Update on the VPA
Download presentations

Second session: The State of law enforcement, forest trade and forest crimes in the Congo Basin – an introduction to the law enforcement agencies in the region
Download presentations

Third session: Civil society led forest monitoring in the Congo Basin- contributions to law enforcement – forest monitoring tools and methodologies
Download presentations

Fourth session: Transparency and corruption in the natural resources sector in the Congo Basin – lessons learned from other illegal industries and activities concerning wildlife, fauna, drugs and human trafficking
Download presentations

Fifth session: Looking beyond forest concessions
Download presentations

Sixth session: Forest Control inspection and enforcement- who does what and how
Download presentations

Seventh session: Facilitated Session on Establishment of a forest law enforcement working group in the Congo Basin
Download presentations

Eighth session: Bilateral meetings between law enforcement and civil society – Concrete plans for collaboration

Ninth session: Presentation of action points defined during bilateral meetings
Download presentations

Contact us for more information

Richard Nyirenda
Technical Expert, CV4C Project, CIDT, University of Wolverhampton
+44 (0)1902 32 3219

Dr Aurelian Mbzibain Programme Manager
CV4C Project, CIDT, University of Wolverhampton
+44 (0)1902 32 3219

Oumar Algadi Atim
Officier Régional Spécialisé, Interpol Regional office
+237 656 49 83

Ghislain Ndeffo
Secrétaire du Bureau Régional, Interpol Regional Office
+237 222 50 44 22

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