Covid-19 – We are working in a new way

I hope you and your families are keeping safe and well and coping with the challenges that COVID-19 is presenting us all.

Last week we closed the CIDT office in line with the closure of most of the University buildings. The university is still very much working, albeit in a new way. All teaching in the university is continuing online. This includes our own teaching.

All CIDT staff are now working from home but CIDT is still very much open for business. All staff are well equipped and experienced to work effectively remotely.

  • Our office phones are diverted so please do feel free to ring any of us in the normal manner.
  • We are all picking up emails on a regular basis so please do email.
  • We are all now communicating through Skype, Microsoft Teams and Zoom.

Please do stay in touch with us.

As home working becomes the ‘new normal’ you may be looking with fresh eyes at the potential for online learning to support your staff whilst you work in more dispersed teams. CIDT have some exciting new initiatives in the pipeline related to accredited Continuous Professional Development for international development professionals. Please do also have a look at our existing online course provision.

In recent times we have developed tailor-made online courses for a range of clients notably UNIDO, the Commonwealth Secretariat, Transparency International, NDC-Partnership,  and the Fund for the Environment and Climate (FONERWA) of the Government of Rwanda. In addition, we have been conducting a series of capacity development webinars.

We will be developing further online courses ourselves, but also providing this development service to others. Please do contact us if we can help you or your organisation in any way.

Stay safe, stay well, and take care.

Philip Dearden

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