Value for Money

Course overview

As a colloquial phrase, ‘Value for Money’ is easily understood and regularly applied by us all in our own lives. In recent years, however, many donors and organisations have sought to promote, and often required, a formal demonstration of VfM in and from development interventions. As this more formal application has evolved, a plethora of methods and approaches have been developed, by a range of actors and agencies, for applying, measuring and reporting VfM across a multitude of contexts and practice areas.

This course provides an introduction to the concepts and terms used, explains a number of the methods and approaches that have been developed and provides space and time to explore, and critically assess, their application and usefulness within different development contexts.

Course details

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Course objectives

By the end of the training participants will have:

  • Explain the main concepts and terms used in VfM
  • Outline a range of methods and approaches used
  • Discuss management and measurement indicators and metrics and their different applications
  • Choose and apply VfM concepts, methods and approaches for specific professional contexts


Our courses utilise a variety of methodologies. As this is a technical area there will be some keynote presentations, such as VfM, but these will be mixed in and around plenary discussions and small group and individual exercises. We believe in practical and experiential learning, so participants will be invited to bring real life projects and scenarios to inform the sessions and exercises.

Course Content

  1. VfM concepts and terms
  2. The 4 E’s
  3. Methods and Approaches
  4. Management and measurement indicators and metrics
  5. Exercises

Clients that have received this training

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What our participants say…

“Good trainer, clear course structure, good hand out materials.”

“I found the course very helpful and stimulating, particularly putting the theory into practice.”