Performance Management

Course overview

This training is for managers and team-leaders who are responsible to ensure effective staff alignment and contribution to organizational results. An effective Performance Management system is essential to help staff perform at their best and align their contributions with the goals, values and activities of the project or organisation.

The training will assist participants in self-assessment of ‘where you are at’ and provide you with a framework for supporting the professional development of your staff. It will provide practical and useful advice and give the opportunity to test new skills, as well as facilitating participants to explore which processes, tools and changes are most relevant and appropriate for their context. This will be opportunities to share experiences, lessons and best practices with colleagues.

Course details

Courses rosette

Course objectives

By the end of the training participants will:

  • Be familiar with approaches to performance management systems
  • Appreciate how PM systems can be maximized to strengthen individual talents and team skills
  • Be equipped with tools and skills to monitor individual performance
  • Be able to identify and implement PM strategies in the workplace.


Our courses utilise a variety of methodologies, such as role play, reflective questionnaire, case studies, reflective journal, participatory analysis tools and much more. We design programmes to include a useful mix of hard and soft skills, combining practical tools and tips with brief ‘theoretical’ inputs where relevant. At CIDT we are great believers in experiential learning. Therefore our courses and workshops are very participatory and active in nature, so be prepared to share your ideas, experiences, problems, challenges and practices with other. We also believe that learning should be fun – so please also bring your sense of humor with you!

Course Content

  • Principles & Benefits of Performance Management
  • Best practices in performance management policy, principles and processes.  PM System and Implementation
  • Performance Management & Resistance to Change
  • Job analysis and individual operating plans
  • Personal development planning
  • Facilitating an effective performance management culture

Your facilitators

What our participants say…

“Applicable and useful for work and personal level.”

“Facilitators had very relevant practical expertise and experience.”