Negotiation and Influencing Skills

Course overview

Whether we’re aware of it or not, we spend a significant part of our personal and professional life negotiating. Negotiation is often considered as an adversarial process and yet when ‘positions’ are shifted to ‘interests’ then the process can play out in other ways. On this practical course you will have an opportunity to reflect on the use of power and influence, your own skills as a negotiator and techniques for approaching negotiations. The course will take you through a series of tasks to build your confidence, skills and capabilities in effective negotiation. Effective negotiation skills will enable you to resolve conflict, strengthen relationships and enhance your performance in teamwork, project and people management.

Course details

Courses rosette

Course objectives

By the end of the course participants will be able to:

  • Identify the basic principles and stages of negotiation
  • Recognize ‘identities’ of the negotiator
  • Effectively prepare for negotiation
  • Analyse their negotiation style and develop confidence in win/win tactics
    Enhance communication skills and inter-personal skills
  • Identify dimensions of power in a negotiation setting.


Our courses utilise a variety of methodologies, such as role play, reflective questionnaire, case studies, reflective journal, participatory analysis tools and much more. We design programmes to include a useful mix of hard and soft skills, combining practical tools and tips with brief ‘theoretical’ inputs where relevant. At CIDT we are great believers in experiential learning. Therefore our courses and workshops are very participatory and active in nature, so be prepared to share your ideas, experiences, problems, challenges and practices with other. We also believe that learning should be fun – so please also bring your sense of humor with you!

Course Content

  1. Negotiation characteristics
  2. Communication styles
  3. Strategies for negotiation
  4. Guidelines for negotiation
  5. Practicing negotiation skills

What our participants say…

“The trainers knew our context very well and have solid experience on the subject areas.”

“I enjoyed the group work and the lively exchange of experiences with participants.”