Consultancy and Technical Support

CIDT has many years of experience providing specialised advice and technical support to a range of stakeholders.

Our consultancy approach

CIDT support includes targeted technical assistance, facilitation, coaching, and mentoring. CIDT can provide advisory services in a number of ways, including virtually, face-to-face or through web-based platforms. Our consultancy offer includes provision of specialists in a range of disciplines and fielding evaluation teams.

How can we help you?

Results-Based and Strategic Management​

  • Visioning and goal-setting
  • Strategic planning
  • Development of Theories of Change and results frameworks including LogFrames

Organisational Development

  • Organisational policies and procedures, strategic plans, and strategies
  • Organisational appraisal or capacity assessment
  • Design and delivery of face-to-face and virtual training in ‘soft skills’
  • Design and facilitation of workshops and participatory processes
  • Coaching and mentoring – standalone or as follow-up to training
  • Project/Programme proposals – including review and scoring of grant applications

Monitoring, Review and Evaluation

  • Designing robust systems for assessing performance
  • Developing user-friendly data collection and analysis tools
  • Conducting monitoring and reporting, periodic reviews and outcome/impact evaluations

Experience-Sharing and Lesson Learning

  • Generating, documenting and transferring knowledge
  • Facilitation of workshops to share experiences with stakeholders

CIDT evaluation services

CIDT has an outstanding record of managing and conducting project evaluations, reviews and beneficiary assessments in a range of settings, including those relating to multi/bi-lateral agencies, inter/intra governmental; and draws upon its proven expertise in policy and strategy development at organizational, national and international level. We have successfully delivered desk-based reviews, impact assessments, stakeholder consultations and organisational evaluations, using both quantitative and qualitative data collection mechanisms. CIDT is known internationally for its participatory consultation processes and has wide experience in designing individually tailored methodology for reviews and evaluations and for encouraging lessons to be articulated and learned. 

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