Concept note for strengthening synergies between forest and climate processes (FLEGT, REDD, CDN)

FODER atelier

An information sharing and reflection workshop on the synergies of forest and climate processes in Cameroon has taken place and resulted in the production of a concept note by the participants, detailing ideas for strengthening synergies between forest and climatic processes (FLEGT, REDD, CDN). In this downloadable note, participants make recommendations to stakeholders in these different processes to take concrete actions to strengthen stakeholder participation and coordination.

The workshop was organised by Forests and Rural Development (FODER) as part of the project ‘Citizen Voices for Citizens for Change: Forest Monitoring in the Congo Basin (CV4C) project’, implemented with the financial support of the European Union (EU) and project partners.

The workshop aimed to enable stakeholders from REDD+, VPA-FLEGT, AFR100 and CDN to discuss synergies between these processes and to formulate proposals for greater transparency, participation and coordination.

Recommendations can be found in the downloadable paper:

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