CIDT’s Improving Forest Governance participants take part in the Illegal Logging Update at Chatham House

Chatham House IFG visit

Chatham House IFG visitCIDT was proud to take our 46 Improving Forest Governance (IFG) participants to the 25th Illegal Logging Update and Stakeholder Consultation Meeting at Chatham House on 25th June.

The meeting bought together a diverse group of cross-sector specialist speakers to address emerging issues central to discussions on the trade in illegal timber. The inclusion of the IFG cohort was able to boost representation from producer and processing countries at the event. The agenda (download PDF agenda) took as its topics the interactions between FLEGT and REDD+, the control of domestic timber markets, independent forest monitoring, and tackling the illegal rosewood trade.

IFG participants contribute

All participants contributed actively through questions to the speakers and networking with other forest governance practitioners during the two-day event.

Some IFG participants had the honour of being invited to address the meeting:

Matthias Yeanay at Chatham House

Matthias Yeanay, NGO coalition of Liberia, spoke on Independent Monitoring in Liberia (see video below).

Alejandra Ospitia at Chatham House

Alejandra Ospitia, Colombia’s Industrial Wood Federation, spoke on Improving legality in domestic markets (download PDF presentation).

Pe Chit at Chatham House

Pe Chit, Ministry of Environmental Conservation & Forestry, addressed Myanmar’s VPA – progress and opportunities (download PDF presentation).

Giangh Phan at Chatham House

Giang Phan, Vietnam contributed to a presentation on Livelihood impact assessments, with Michael Richards, Mary Hobley, on behalf of Forest Trends (download PDF presentation).

Video: Matthias Yeanay, NGO coalition of Liberia

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