CIDT’s celebrates the end of 4-year Forest Governance project

IFG participants

CIDT’s Capacity Building for Improved Forest Governance project is now complete, following four years of delivery from 2012-2015. This DFID-funded project built the capacity of frontline forest stakeholders in timber producing countries to be able to engage with governance processes. In particular, the project supported actors engaged in the EU Forest Law Enforcement, Governance and Trade (FLEGT) Action Plan in Central and West Africa, Latin America and Southeast Asia.

Through the project, CIDT delivered the Improving Forest Governance course, training more than 150 people from government, civil society, the private sector and academia. Many former course participants inhabit key roles in Voluntary Partnership Agreement (VPA) negotiations, directly influencing processes that make governance more effective, more equitable and more inclusive. The project also supported forest governance stakeholders in being able to access project funding, worked with universities to develop more responsive forestry curricula, and worked with civil society organisations to make them more effective trainers.

Although the project has come to a conclusion, its impact will extend beyond the project life cycle and CIDT will continue to run the Improving Forest Governance course in 2016. Moreover, the project’s legacy endures in the good work being done by frontline forestry professionals across the world.

The final project technical report is available below, and highlights the achievements of the project.


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