CIDT undertakes midline study on girl’s education project in Zimbabwe

CIDT’s Richard Nyirenda has completed two weeks of field work in Zimbabwe; conducting data collection as part of a midline qualitative study of a girls’ education project. The project is implemented by CAMFED (Campaign for Female Education) and operates in Zimbabwe, Zambia and Tanzania. CAMFED’s project is part of the global Girls’ Education Challenge programme funded by the UK government and implemented in more than 17 countries. This global programme aims to improve the learning opportunities and outcomes of over one million of the world’s most marginalised girls.

CIDT is contracted as the external evaluator of the project. The midline evaluation is being undertaken as part of a 4-year study tracking the education of marginalised girls in Camfed-supported schools in terms of enrolment, attendance, retention and achievement. Concurrently, other CIDT members of staff, Rachel Roland (Project Manager and Team Leader), Dani Baur and associates, Patt Flett, Mariana Van Graan and Busisiwe Moyo have been conducting similar fieldwork in Zambia and Tanzania.

This work represents a small but significant part of the CIDT commitment to challenging inequality and removing barriers to meaningful participation and improving the quality of education.

During the midline study, interview and focus group discussions were held with beneficiary girls, teachers, parents, parents support groups, government officials and CAMFED national office staff. The qualitative study covered 8-10 secondary schools in selected districts across the country. The qualitative study was complemented by a quantitative study that was also undertaken at the same time.

In this work CIDT is collaborating with Development Data, a national consultancy firm based in Zimbabwe and UK organisation Women and Girls Inclusive.

The final report for the Midline Evaluation will be released later this year.

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