CIDT support NDC Partnership processes in 15 countries

Between June 2018 and May 2020 CIDT has provided services to support and facilitate the in-country engagement of the NDC Partnership in Uganda, the Marshall Islands, Dominican Republic, Jordan, Morocco, Pakistan, the Seychelles, Nepal, Cote d’Ivoire, the Philippines, Grenada and Tunisia. In addition, facilitation and training services have been provided to the Support Unit of the Partnership in Washington DC and Bonn on five occasions. CIDT facilitated two important regional Member consultations in Bangkok (Country Members) and New York (Development Partners).

The NDC Partnership is a global coalition of countries and institutions collaborating to drive transformational climate action. Through Partnership cooperation countries are facilitated with tools to implement their NDCs, as per the Paris Agreement.

CIDT has supported Partnership Country Engagement through a call down framework contract, including facilitation of stakeholder workshops and remote technical assistance to the development of NDC Partnership Plans. The scope of support has included 20 work orders including seven assignments to provide remote quality assurance work, as well as facilitation support to three staff training courses in results-based management. The contract has been led by CIDT’s Ella Haruna with specialist support in French and Spanish delivered by CIDT associate Cath Long.

New online tool developed

In 2018, CIDT worked closely with the Support Unit to develop the Country Engagement Online Tool. This is an accessible resource to develop user knowledge on the Country Engagement processes of the NDC Partnership. It features three modules, a glossary, resource library and FAQs.

NDC Partnership Country Engagement Online Tool

Blended learning for the Support Unit

In September and October 2019, CIDT’s Ella Haruna delivered training in Results-Based Management (RBM) for Support Unit staff in the Washington DC and Bonn offices. 35 staff members undertook CIDT’s online learning course prior to the four day face-to-face training. Ella blended short training inputs on generic RBM tools and principles with facilitated reflection and peer exchange on the application of Country Engagement (CE) processes, including new processes to mainstream gender equality around the CE cycle.

Feedback from participants

  • “We went through the stages of our country engagement process and saw how at each activity we could better implement RBM thinking.”
  • “I learned a lot with great examples.”
  • “Very customised to Country Engagement processes.”
  • “The tools and thinking exercises that were provided to us were excellent!”
  • “She was fantastic and had such an intimate knowledge of the NDC Partnership’s work.”
  • “It was extremely valuable to have her as a facilitator.”

Photos from RBM training in Washington DC and Bonn

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