CIDT successfully delivers the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy for the Alliance for a Green Revolution in Africa (AGRA)

AGRA workshop

AGRA workshopCIDT has completed its work with AGRA to develop an evidence-based Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, in order to help enhance the Alliance’s impact on the ground to support achievement of its Vision and Mission.

To inform the Strategy development, CIDT conducted a Stakeholder Analysis exercise that consisted of a partnership audit and influencer mapping exercise. This involved:

  • a literature review and web-based research at global level;
  • face-to-face interviews with both internal and external stakeholders in seven priority countries;
  • an online survey of past and present partners and other key stakeholders;
  • an online survey of all AGRA staff; and
  • two participatory workshops with AGRA staff from the Kenya headquarters office and regional offices.

These methodologies provided valuable information on the interests of past, present and potential future partners as well as their perceptions of AGRA and the perceived priorities during the period of AGRA’s updated corporate Strategy.

IMG_0814_Kimberly_RossThe final Stakeholder Engagement Strategy was aligned with AGRA’s new Advocacy Strategy and provided valuable information for the finalization of its Communication Strategy and related communications collateral.

Adam Gerstenmier, Chief of Staff, had this to say about our work on the Stakeholder Engagement Strategy, as it related to the Communications Strategy work: ‘Thanks again for helping cross-fertilize the research and work of these two very related efforts.” With regards to our presentation to the Management Team on the proposed strategies and recommended next steps, he expressed that “Your presentation was clear and succinct and a great end to the day’s conversation.”

“Congratulations for working with everyone in the team to bring this great process to an end. I am delighted that what started out as a small conversation within the Communications Team has resulted in a document that will help AGRA define its relationships and engagement strategies going forward. Thank you, Kim and the CIDT team, for staying focused and delivering a quality document. Please thank everyone who was involved in this. I really loved your work!!!”
Sylvia Mwichuli, Director of Communications Department

 The project was led by Kimberly Ross (Senior Consultant/Senior Lecturer, CIDT). Rachel Roland (Deputy Director/Principal Lecturer, CIDT) served as Technical Advisor.

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