CIDT staff celebrate the life of their inspirational Caribbean colleague – Alexa Khan

Alexa Khan was a lead trainer in CIDT’s delivery of a large training programme in 2018-19 for the Caribbean Development Bank in 19 countries. We quickly came to rely on Alexa’s technical expertise especially in Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning and her reliability during the fast-paced training roll-out. Alexa led project cycle management training with Government officials in Anguilla, the Cayman Islands, St Kitts & Nevis, Suriname, Trinidad and Tobago, St Lucia and in Barbados for CDB staff, working alongside CIDT trainers and independently.

The loss of Alexa; her professionalism, integrity and desire to make a difference will be felt across the Caribbean.  You can read more about Alexa’s exemplary life here.

Here are some of the memories from CIDT team members who worked alongside her. Our thoughts are with her husband Curtis and Alexa’s family and friends at this very sad time of loss.

“In summer of 2018 I was asked, to lead a series of workshops for the senior staff at the Caribbean Development Bank.

I met my co-trainer Alexa just before the workshops in Barbados and we immediately “clicked”. Indeed we got on like a house on fire! Her energy and enthusiasm for the work we going to be doing was palpable.

Her amazing energy and enthusiasm continued throughout the workshops. These were challenging workshops but Alexa and I weaved our way through them and had a lot of fun together and with all the participants. The workshops were really successful and received some amazingly positive feedback from the CDB staff. Both Alexa and I felt very proud of our work together.

Alexa as well as the fun we had together, I can clearly remember many of our thoughtful and deep conversations about your fight with illness, life in the Caribbean and life in general. You were a real spiritual warrior who taught me so much. Thank you.”

Philip Dearden, Head of Centre, Alexa’s co-trainer in Barbados

“Alexa was a joy to work with and to socialise with. We first worked together in Trinidad, her home territory, and then again in St Lucia. Her wit, her humour, her insight, her sharp intelligence, and her innate kindness ensured that I enjoyed and benefitted from working with her. She was also very brave and strong; on our first meeting to prepare for the workshop she explained about her battle with cancer and how it may affect her energy at work, but it never did, or rather, she never let it show.

Alexa had a high level of empathy with the workshop participants, she could identify both their emotional and professional needs and take steps to ensure those needs were met. She was extremely knowledgeable and insightful about the challenges facing the Caribbean and helped me to understand them from a local perspective. She was also very good at getting workshop participants to open up, and was not afraid to challenge them with difficult questions.

Alexa was also fun to socialise with. In Trinidad, she and her husband Curtis took me to see the sights across the island; she helped me to understand the historical and current context of the islands and its relevance to current challenges.

Alexa was a wonderful, strong woman who was a joy to know.”

Patricia Flett, Alexa’s co-trainer in Trinidad, St. Lucia & the Cayman Islands

“I was lucky enough to share the floor with Alexa last year in a Caribbean Evaluator International webinar event, speaking together on how evaluation can be used to improve programmes. Alexa was thought provoking, challenging, going beyond the theory to lift the curtain on real issues on the ground. In this, as in her training work for us, her inputs were very well received.

Alexa soon emerged within the project team of international trainers as a real stalwart and core team member. I quickly learnt that we could rely on the high quality of her delivery, her technical expertise and dependability to get the job done. However she was also very flexible and a good problem solver.

The moment that exemplified Alexa’s consummate professionalism came when another team member was unable to reach SVG to deliver training. At the drop of a hat, Alexa agreed to stay on and delivered a bespoke training in relation to a training need she had identified with participants. Alexa went above and beyond in delivering for the project, the government and her team members in a flexible way that really met the need.”

Ella Haruna, CDB PCM Training project manager

“I remember Alexa as an exceptional colleague with an incredible drive and energy and a wealth of professional and life experience. She enjoyed life intensely. I especially remember the tour we made one weekend to the New Amsterdam Fort and museum, and we visited several former plantations and had such interesting conversations. She will be missed.”

Wouter Hijweeje, Alexa’s co-trainer in Suriname

Above and top of page: Alex Khan teaching on the Project Management Masterclasses for senior staff in the Caribbean Development Bank.

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