CIDT participate in a round table discussion on Adaptive Social Protection in Nepal

Rachel Slater at Round Table in Nepal

How can social protection be utilised to support disaster risk management in Nepal?  On Monday 25th June 2018, Rachel Slater presented CIDT’s answer to that question to officials of the Government of Nepal, development agencies, and the NGO and INGO communities working on disaster risk management and social protection in Nepal.

The round table and discussion was the final stage in the consultation process of a technical assistance project that CIDT is carrying out on behalf of World Bank.  The aim of the project is to enhance our understanding of how bringing together Disaster Risk Management and Social Protection could improve risk management, preparedness and better respond to shocks.

Rachel Slater at Round Table in Nepal

The presentation brought together the key lessons learnt from a number of reviews – of the social protection system, the disaster management system and international experience – and brought out lessons learned from fieldwork in flood, earthquake, landslide and drought-affected districts in Nepal.  CIDT made recommendations about instruments that the Government of Nepal may wish to consider to achieve better disaster management using social protection tools.

The meeting was preceded by a week of consultations with government ministries encouraging a two way dialogue to ensure recommendations and options going forwards are viable and within the context and scope of Government of Nepal’s capacity.  The next steps will be finalisation of the recommendations by the end of July.

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